UX-er and Front End Dev

moc.liamg@lerahkopfacissej in Ann Arbor, Michigan

For the past ~18 years, I've specialized in user interfaces — designing, testing, and prototyping them. I am passionate about making software and websites that solve problems and are easy and effective to use. Since 2014, I've been responsible for UX and prototyping on the JSTOR Labs team.

Recent Work (2018 - present)

On the JSTOR Labs team, my title is "User Experience Prototyper". We function like lean startup "intrapreneurs", evaluating potential new ideas for the larger organization. The work shown here is a representative sample.

Recent User Experience

I provide UX leadership for the JSTOR labs team. I interview and observe users pre-prototype to (in/)validate a concept we're considering. I create personas based on those interviews and observations. Then, I lead collaborative design thinking sessions and create mockups in Sketch. Those designs are iteratively evaluated and improved with user tests that I conduct and analytics I set up and review. In 2019, our team added a second, junior person doing these same tasks and I'm in an official mentorship role.

Extensive experience with:
usability testing, formative/contextual research and interviews, paper prototyping, Sketch, and design studios
Moderate experience with:
empathy maps, A/B testing, heuristic evaluations, information architecture, interaction design, and Photoshop
Limited experience with:
card sorting, visual/brand design, surveys, Indigo, Axure, Proto.io, InDesign, and Illustrator

Sketch screenshot from Interview Archive May 2019

Sketch comps for screens in the Interview Archive
Persona of baseball scholar June 2018

A persona of baseball scholars, based on user workflow interviews and observations
Stickies showing user tasks, goals, hurdles June 2018

An empathy map created in a workshop I led with a mixed group of stakeholders and users
diagram of page connection web August 2019

A diagram created to show the team my idea for information architecture among the site pages
explainer/how-to video screenshot June 2019

A video I scripted, narrated, and produced that explains our Interview Archive project
pencil sketch May 2019

A pencil sketch created for a presentation, to represent billions of documents
photo of paper prototype July 2019

A paper prototype for use in user testing
photo of stickies on wall February 2018

Stickies, to-be-affinitied, of ideas from a workshop I led for the team
photo of paper prototype January 2018

A paper prototype for use in concept discussions within the team
screenshot of Sketch artboards August 2019

Sketch comps of screens for the JSTOR TDM project

Recent Front-end Development/Prototyping

Most of my code in the last few years has been in JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3, within the Vue/Vuetify framework. We use Git for version control and Jira/Trello for project management. I'm one of three/four devs working on labs projects, and I focus almost exclusively on front-end work.

Extensive experience with:
JavaScript, Vue, Vuetify, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Google Analytics
Moderate experience with:
Python/Django, Linked Open Data/RDF, REST, and Git
Limited experience with:
SASS, Jekyll, Typescript, *nix, Node, Python, Ruby, Wordpress, and AWS

Plant Humanities screenshot October 2019 (in progress)

Vue, Vuetify, JavaScript, HTML5 & CSS3
JSTOR Plant Humanities
Interview Archive screenshot June 2019

Vue, Vuetify, JavaScript, HTML5 & CSS3
JSTOR Interview Archive
Cultural History of Baseball screenshot July 2018

Vue, Vuetify, JavaScript, HTML5 & CSS3
JSTOR Baseball
Text and Data Mining screenshot Not yet released, in 2019

Vue, Javascript, HTML5 & CSS3
JSTOR Text & Data Mining
Understanding Series screenshot November 2018

Vue, Javascript, HTML5 & CSS3
JSTOR Understanding Series

Older Work (2005-2014)

Before JSTOR, I worked as a UX researcher, designer, and front-end developer in a medical technology startup. I taught HCI, web design, and introductory programming courses, and managed student programmers, in a Computer Science department. I wrote a dissertation titled "Computer Music Composition using Crowdsourcing and Genetic Algorithms". And, I performed various types of user research for the parent company of Travelocity.

Pre-2018 User Experience

Extensive experience with:
usability testing, Balsamiq, heuristic evaluations, contextual inquiry, surveys, and teaching HCI
Moderate experience with:
visual design, information architecture, card sorting, interaction design, crowdsourcing, and Illustrator
Limited experience with:
Photoshop, InDesign, cognitive walkthroughs, and branding

Sketch image from Text Analyzer 2017

Sketch comp from JSTOR Text Analyzer
Pencil sketch for University of Richmond mapping project 2016

Pencil-drawn mockup for early user testing
Balsamiq image from JSTOR Snap 2014

Balsamiq mockup for user testing of JSTOR Snap
Use case document from Eloquence Communications 2013

Use case document from Eloquence Communications
Workflows, with Balsamiq mockups from Eloquence Communications 2013

Workflow diagram with Balsamiq mockups
Persona for Understanding Rembrandt 2016

Persona of an art history Ph.D. student for JSTOR Understanding Rembrandt
Output from a design jam I led 2015

Participants' rapid ideation sketches from a design studio I led
My notes from a series of user interviews 2015

Notes from a series of user interviews I facilitated for Understanding the U.S. Constitution
Affinity diagram of research from masters capstone project 2005

Affinity diagram of research from masters capstone project
usability test task 2006

Usability test task from Sabre Holdings

Pre-2018 Front-end Development

Extensive experience with:
JQuery, Foundation, Bootstrap, Java, HTML, CSS, Wordpress, Drupal, and managing junior developers
Moderate experience with:
JavaScript, PHP, *nix, genetic algorithms, SVN, MySQL, Adobe Analytics, Angular, Ionic, and Apache
Limited experience with:
Perl, Lisp, Maven, unit testing, Zend, Cucumber, and AWS

Text Analyzer screenshot 2017

Angular 2, JavaScript, Bootstrap, HTML5 & CSS3
TopicGraph screenshot 2016

Angular 1, JavaScript, Bootstrap, HTML5 & CSS3
Understanding the US Constitution screenshot 2016

Ionic (mobile version of Angular 1), JavaScript, HTML5 & CSS3
Eloquence Communications nurse station 2013

Nurse station desktop application in Java
Environmental Health and Safety training system 2010

I managed student developers who wrote this training system in HTML/CSS/PHP
Understanding Rembrandt screenshot 2016

Angular 1, JavaScript, HTML5 & CSS3
JSTOR Sustainabiility screenshot 2014

JavaScript & jQuery, Foundation, timeglider.js, HTML5 & CSS3
Livingstone's Zambezi Expedition screenshot 2015

JavaScript & jQuery, leaflet.js, HTML5 & CSS3
Coordinated School Health prototype 2008

I wrote this in HTML, CSS, and vanilla javascript
STEM innovation hub 2011

STEM innovation hub website - I managed student developers who wrote this in HTML/CSS/PHP